Security Testing
At Platinum Squared, we have a team of specialist penetration testers covering a wide range of skills.

Vulnerability assessment or penetration testing is the process of actively assessing computer networks and applications, in order to determine the likelihood of any malicious attack being successful. Testing attempts to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the same way an attacker would and, where authorised, actively exploit them. The results of a penetration test will give an organisation a snap shot of their IT security profile and will provide detailed information on vulnerabilities discovered. This information can then be used as an action plan to increase the overall security posture of the system and reduce the likelihood of an unauthorised attack being successful.

Testing can be conducted from various angles (external, internal, physical and user) and we offer a wide range of penetration services including Web Application, Network Infrastructure, Boundary Security, Laptop and Mobile Systems. Information on this can be found in our Technical Services Brochure

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