Download Corporate Materials
Platinum Squared's Brochures are in PDF format which require a PDF reader. If you do not have a PDF reader, please visit Adobe.

Risk Mitigation  Platinum Squared's Risk Brochure detailing our expertise and approach
Security Testing  An overview of Platinum Squared's testing services
Compliance  Platinum Squared's Legal Compliance and Regulatory services
Policy and Procedure  Platinum Squared's holistic approach places high importance on good policy and procedure
Standards  Both HMG and Commercial Standards are covered by Platinum Squared Standards Service Line
BCP/DR  BS 25999 and similar service offering detailed in a PDF brochure
Training  A high level PDF explaining our approach to training and how Platinum Squared can add value to your business
Disclaimer: Platinum Squared Ltd cannot be held responsible for software installed on systems from a 3rd party.