Platinum Squared is an independent specialist provider of information assurance services for both Public and Private Sector Clients.

Our independent status enables us to offer cost-effective pragmatic solutions and advice based on many years of experience.

Platinum Squared prides itself on only supplying suitably qualified and highly experienced consultants who are able to provide a timely and effective level of service to meet our clients needs. All of our consultants have a clear business focus and are able to help our clients manage their resources and with our support directly meet all of their information assurance requirements.

Our consultants are experienced in working within dedicated Platinum Squared consultant teams and in closely blended client and Platinum Squared teams. In addition, by utilising focused consultant teams, Platinum Squared is able to offer a consistent level of service and homogenised results across the lifespan of an assignment.

Platinum Squared realises that focused consultant teams provide more timely results, as team members support each other to produce results faster than a number of consultants working on the same project independently.

An added benefit to clients is that an experienced Platinum Squared Team is able to utilise knowledge transfer between client and consultant with a clear understanding of the key practical requirements and methodologies. The aim of this is the direct and focussed support our client’s business needs.

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